Hzurdadi About

The Free and The Brave™ is more than just words.  It is a spirit.  It is, of course, the spirit of those individuals who gave their blood, sweat, tears, and lives to build one of the greatest countries on earth.  It is the spirit of working hard and accomplishing one’s goals and ambitions.  It is the spirit of those who have made and are making a contribution to the world.  It is also the spirit that is innate in all creative endeavors.  It is the spirit of Hzurdadi.


Made in the U.S.A. and raised in Los Angeles, California, the fashion design and manufacturing capital of the world, Hzurdadi (pronounced “who’s your daddy”) is a luxury lifestyle brand that embodies the essence of brave souls who are free to create their dreams.  Hzurdadi is the indelible spirit of knowing that all things are possible and then tapping the source that makes it so.


Hzurdadi infuses its spirit into the design of our apparel and accessories.  Confidence.  Powerful yet effortless styling.  The highest quality craftsmanship.  These are the qualities that set Hzurdadi apart.


Hzurdadi premium denim is classic with an edge that keeps it contemporary.  Our commitment to extraordinary fit, details, and styling creates timelessness in each pair.  Our womens jeans hug the contours of the female form, flattering the waist, hips, back side, and thighs, and elongating the legs.  Our mens jeans drape the male form to accentuate its power and strength.  To assure the best quality available, Hzurdadi uses denim made from cotton grown and milled in the United States.  Hzurdadi design and manufacturing is also done in the U.S.A., which allows us to monitor our stringent quality control standards and access the most creative design options available.


Hzurdadi accessories are an opportunity to use exotic materials and hardware to create elegant, bold, and unique detailing that lends itself to making each piece a work of art and an adventure.


Hzurdadi invites you to tap into your spirit and become truly free and brave.