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Hzurdadi branded merchandise is available to select national and international retailers at wholesale prices.  Please click the link below and complete and submit the information requested.  After your information is processed, Hzurdadi will email you the wholesale prices, minimum order requirements, and special wholesale coupon codes to use when purchasing Hzurdadi merchandise online at www.shop.hzurdadi.com.  Inserting these codes at check out will adjust the retail prices to reflect wholesale pricing.

PLEASE NOTE:  When you are ready to purchase merchandise from www.shop.hzurdadi.com, you must log in with your email address and password (which you will create when you register) to activate your tax exempt status AND you must use the special wholesale coupon codes to receive wholesale pricing.

Click here to register for wholesale pricing.


If you are not a retail customer, but want to stay connected to Hzurdadi and receive updates on new products as well as advance notice of special sales, click here to register.